the GZCLP Spreadsheet

The best barbell workout program for beginners to lifting — designed to build strength and maximize muscle growth with just 3-4 short workouts per week.

This spreadsheet is for Cody LeFever’s GZCLP program for beginners exactly as programmed. For a basic overview of the methodology behind it, take a look at the infographic and read the accompanying writeup.

Only 3-4 Workouts Per Week

GZCLP is flexible with your schedule. You can choose to workout either three or four times a week depending on your availability and/or preferences.

Just ~60 Minutes Per Workout

The entire routine takes roughly ~45 to 60 minutes to complete if you're diligent with your rest times and don't screw around between sets.

Build Both Strength And Muscle

The program uses intelligent exercise selection, varying rep ranges, and a logical progression scheme to maximize hypertrophy and strength.

No More Unnecessary Thinking — Let The Spreadsheet Do All The Planning For You.​

Take all the thinking out of the equation and plan up to 52 weeks worth of training. Just input your starting weights and log your workouts — the spreadsheet will tell you exactly what to do next, from the weight to use to how many sets and reps to perform each workout.

Getting started is easy — just click the download button below and get the spreadsheet file on Google Sheets.