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Let's take the confusion out of getting in shape once and for all.

Look, I get it: getting in shape is hard. It’s already tough enough to hit the gym after a long day at the office — it’s even more difficult when you’re surrounded by conflicting information on the proper way to do things.

You have a camp that says you need to squat everyday if you want to grow, while another camp claims that it’s impossible to get gainz unless you’re on a 5x/week brosplit with 30+ sets per workout. You have people who swear by 20:4 intermittent fasting protocols, while another group has you declaring Jihad against carbs if you want to get lean.

Truth of the matter is, everything works. But for people like us with day jobs and like getting loose with friends and family every once in a while? The simplicity of the middle-of-the-road option is exactly what we want.

Forget extreme tactics and “one weird trick” hacks that put the cart before the horse — instead, we put our efforts on the big, simple stuff that’s proven by science to yield the most results, then let everything else naturally fall into place.

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Hi. I'm Carlo.

Whattup, my fellow lifting brethren. My name is Carlo — a chronic cardio-skipping fitness nerd in my mid-thirties.  I write simplified but science-backed stuffzz on training and nutrition to make it as easy as possible to understand for the average man.